2012 American Marquetry Society Contest

The topic for this contest, once again selected by Ken Horner, our "Contest Creator" was to produce a piece of marquetry depicting a covered bridge. Shown below are the entries and winning pieces.

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First Place
"We’ll Be Down By The Bridge"
Dave Peck of Redwood Valley, California

It measures 11 x 15 inches. Dave says: “This picture is a figment of my imagination. About ten years ago I drew a picture of the kids going fishing but something was missing, and I never got around to making the marquetry.

When this contest came out, I envisioned them going to fish in the creek down by the bridge. It was the destination that was missing from the original drawing.” The veneers used include mahogany, holly, ash, Chechen, pepperwood burl, pelin burl, imbuya burl, zebrawood, wenge, ebony, red gum, sycamore, limba and some unknown woods. It is finished with shellac sealer and lacquer topcoat.

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Second Place
"Good Old Summertime"
Del Porter of Lake City, Florida

This picture measures 17 x 20 inches and was suggested by a calendar painting by Paul Landry. The veneers used include wood, poplar burl, santos, various burls, rosewood, walnut and mahogany. The frame is African mahogany. It was finished with sanding sealer and many coats of lacquer.

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Third Place
"Laughlin Rance Covered Bridge"
Ernie Mills of Sun City West, Arizona

This picture was taken from an Internet photo of the covered bridge just east of Bullhead City, Mohave County, Arizona (Photo by Bob and Dorothy Dunham). This covered bridge was built in 2004 with Stringer truss construction. It was designed as a golf cart crossing across a dry wash gully. It is fifty feet long and sixteen feet wide.

The veneers used include American red gum, harewood (white and dark), mahogany (light and dark), walnut, holly, poplar, elm burl and more. It is glued to a ¼ inch MDF board, which was backed by a single piece of
maple veneer. It was sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and finished with five coats of sanding sealer. Between each coat, the surface was wet and dry sanded with 600 grit paper using a flat steel block. The final finish was three coats of wipe-on polyurethane varnish and then finally polished with renaissance wax.

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Runner Up
"The First Through"
Del Porter of Lake City, Florida

This picture measures 17" x 20" and was suggested by a pencil drawing buy Frank M. Rines in the 1940 book Pencil Drawing. Veneers used include harewood, white manmade veneer, various burls, South American and Indian rosewoods, walnut, mahogany and dyed black veneer. It was finished with sanding sealer and many coats of lacquer.

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Runner Up
"Knight's Ferry Covered Bridge"
Bob Shultz of Los Gatos, California

This marquetry piece (8 1/2" x 11") is set into the bottom of the tray. The tray is 14" x 18 1/2". The picture was obtained by going on line and looking for "covered bridges of California". Bob then picked the one he liked best.

Knight's Ferry is the longest covered bridge in California (330'), spanning the Stanislaus river near Oakdale, California. It was built in 1864 and restored in 1989. The veneers used include red oak, maple, mahogany, holly and walnut. Bob dyed veneer in some cases to get the color and shading he wanted. It is sealed with two coats of spray shellac then sanded smooth with paper down to 400 grit. The final finish was six coats of wipe-on poly.