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Robert Frost wrote: "The woods are lovely, dark and deep." Whether I am walking through the cottonwood forest on our farm or paddling down the wooded reach of a river, these words best describe the inspiration I feel from wood. I choose this medium because it is more than just a color or a texture - wood is always moving and breathing - it is a vector for nature. I discovered marquetry in a woodworking magazine in 1995 and bought a kit for my first project. I was hooked! My marquetry is mainly comprised of exotic and domestic wood veneers, but may include stone, glass, metal or fossils. Although I use marquetry techniques that have been in existence for centuries, I have adopted modern tools such as the scroll saw and scalpel to cut the veneers. My Excalibur scroll saw is fantastic for marquetry, very accurate and easy to control. I have created a beginner's marquetry video, DVD and kit which is available through my web site. I have also written my first magazine article on marquetry which is soon to appear in Canadian Woodworking Magazine. My husband and I raise free-range chicken, beef and hay. I also work part-time for the public health department. We live near the river and love to canoe and kayak. My studio is at home on the farm so I am always near a source of inspiration. We hold an exhibition the last Saturday of September each year, which is very well attended. 

The nature that surrounds me daily provides an endless supply of subject matter and I am always conscious of the fact that my medium comes from the land. It is my hope to overcome the past prejudices that have hindered  the acceptance of wood as a medium for fine art. Whether you are a rugged outdoor adventurer or never leave the city streets, I seek to stir in you a love of nature and beautiful woods. I hope to create something in these marquetry pieces that will outlive me and instill these same passions in future artists.
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The Key

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Gabrielle's Birdhouse

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Tipi Camp