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I first learned about marquetry about 11 years ago when I bought an antique tea table.  The top was being repaired by Master Craftsman Patrick Edwards here in San Diego.  Upon visiting his atelier, he convinced me to enroll in his newly formed marquetry course, The American School of French Marquetry.

My interests in antiques seem to lie in the 18th century era. French and Italian styles are particularly attractive to me. Equally exciting for me is that my wife, Ronelle, enjoys similar styles.  She is a huge supporter of my marquetry interests and work, always looking to see what I have done that day.
The first set of photos below show my design for a queen-sized headboard based upon the marquetry pattern from a mid-1800's French table. The carved panel was my addition to frame the marquetry for the headboard.
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Original 19th Century French Table ("Carving" overlay is my design to fit the marquetry)

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My completed marquetry headboard with close-ups of marquetry details

I have also started a project which promises to be a 5-year endeavor and my swan song that includes pewter, brass and tortoiseshell (faux).  On the left is a photo of the original game table which is in a museum in Germany. The photo on the right shows some of the pieces before assembly. And below you see one of the recently completed panels.
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Details of original German game table

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Pieces cut out prior to final assembly

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Completed marquetry panel

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A marquetry music box