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I have always admired marquetry and upon finding it at the NC State Fair about 4 years ago, I asked where one could take a class to learn this art form. The person at the fair exclaimed, “I teach the class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC.” That man was Clyde Badger, a well-respected and prolific marquetry artist in North Carolina. My husband Joe and I decided to attend Campbell together, and we had a wonderful week and introduction to cutting marquetry pictures. We quickly joined the Marquetarians of the Carolinas and met many new friends who shared so much information with us.

I’ve won two blue ribbons at the NC State Fair since then, and have returned to Campbell Folk School again to take another marquetry class. Shortly after joining the AMS, a call went out for a newsletter editor, and Joe and I decided to give it a try. Joe has since been unable to continue with editing duties, and I am editing the magazine now by myself. Unfortunately, most of my marquetry time is now spent working on the newsletter, but I have to say, I am having a lot of fun being so involved in the national organization and seeing everyone’s work and enthusiasm for the art of marquetry. I worked in and owned dental laboratories for 39 years and have recently decided to make a change.

I have started a new business doing longarm quilting for customers. Needless to say, I have had to put in many hours practicing and working to build a new business ( This new enterprise may take a while to establish, so my marquetry time is even dearer, but I will continue to attend my Carolinas meetings and work very hard to produce a great magazine for the AMS.
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My First Box

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Daffodil Box

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NC State Fair

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Quilting Studio

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Blue Ribbon Win at NC State Fair