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Maria Cristina Alvarez Magliano was born in Chacabuco, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1943. She received her first diploma in the field of arts in 1958. She continued her studies at the University of Buenos Aires Law School, and pursued a long and successful career in the field of labor and federal law of her country. While at the university, she maintained her artistic interests as a hobby.

In 2003 she retired from her post as Secretaria Judicial de la Corte Suprema de Argentina, with status equivalent to that of a U.S. federal circuit court judge, to dedicate her efforts to the activity she loves most, which is artistic works in wood.

"Since I was a girl, I had a strong and deep necessity to put everything I knew and felt into images and objects. My hands made it very easy for me; perhaps the genes of my father were the culprit for having me drawing and painting at all times, besides having wonderful 'cuadernos de clase' (school handbooks) with a lot of images -needed or not. By the time I was a teen, I was a rebel in any sense of the word - imagine a young Taurus woman in the late 50's hoping to be an independent artist and a lawyer. However that wasn't easy at all, I had, and still have, a strong compromise with beauty and harmony, with creativity and seriousness of mind. I strongly believe that art can change the way we see ourselves, making us more tolerant to other's points of view, ideas and feelings; in sum, more open to diversity. It is, at least, my commitment."

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